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Lektro-Tech S

Lektro-Tech S

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MIL-DTL-87177 TY.I & II GR.B

Lektro-Tech S is the 5th and most recent formulation combining both corrosion preventative compounds (CPC’s) and lubricants. (There are approximately 15,000 chemical substances registered in the CAS system DAILY.)

This new 5th generation product uses the most recent and innovative of these compounds to provide the most superior product on the market. The combination of ingredients provides protection against moisture, chlorides, acid vapor and other environmental contaminates over the range of types of corrosion.

It uses Nano sized particles of PTFE that are deposited into very small mechanical close-tolerance voids while providing a low coefficient of friction lubrication for sliding parts.

It dries on contact leaving a dry, no odor thin film of protection. Lektrotech-Tech S cannot be washed off with water, has a wide temperature service range and can be applied without special equipment or instruction.



Lektro-Tech S was developed for applications where superior protection from the degradation effects of moisture, general.vibration and fretting corrosion, static electricity, and corona are desired.

Lektro-Tech S may be applied by brush, dip, swab, spray or by spraying from self-pressurized containers. When spraying, apply light spray from 12 inches moving first in a left to right motion then an up and down motion. Metal has grains and spraying or brushing in two directions ensures complete coverage. More is not better, a thin spray is all that you will need. Lektro-Tech S is non-flammable and is classed as an Ultra Thin film of 0.20 millimeters that can be applied to any mechanical close-tolerance component or equipment.

Lektro-Tech S is a true hydrophobic, self-healing and thermally stable formulation that will not run, pool, harden, freeze or attract contaminates.


Lektro-Tech S is available in the following package styles; Aerosol Pressurized spray containers and bulk re-sealable single quart and gallon containers, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.


Lektro-Tech S meets the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-87177. Type I & II Grade B

Material Characteristics

Lektro-Tech S is classified as a dry lubricant and will not slump.

Coverage is a non-tacky thin film with a very low vapor pressure, which does not readily pick up debris or evaporate.

The film has a very low surface tension, which results in good coverage, is hydrophobic and self healing. Lektro-Tech S is non-flammable even when sprayed in aerosol form.

Large dielectric constant. Lektro-Tech S eliminates electromigration when tested on fine-line solder coated copper patterns, and is non-hazardous to user.



Performance Limits Test Method Lektro-Tech S
Dryness 0.0100 gram (max) 4.5.1 < 0.0100 g
Flash Point 243C (470F) (min) ASTM D 1310 Not applicable
Dielectric breakdown 25,000 volts (min) ASTM D 877 >25,000 volts
Lubricity 1.20 mm wear scar diameter (max) ASTM 2266 2/ <1.20 mm
Residue soluble trichlortrifluorethane No visible residue 4.5.2 PASS
Oxidation stability Less than 5 pounds per 100 hours ASTM D 942 PASS
Corrosion No evidence of corrosion on the resistance base metal 4.5.6 PASS
Sprayability Sprayable 4.5.7 PASS