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I have using this for years. Why should I change

Corrosion Protection & Solutions has been formulating corrosion preventative compounds (CPC) for almost 20 years and have solved a large number of seemingly unsolvable corrosion problems.  As I look back over the years, I can not identify a single product that was not formulated for a specific inquiry/problem from a customer.  We have extended equipment life by 5 to 30 times, decreased maintenance man-hours dramatically, reduced the value of stocked spare parts and overall made the equipment safer to use.

Assuming that the problem is not unique to the client that requested a solution, we contact similar companies that might have the same or very similar corrosion problems and tell them about our "new" solution(s) and ask them if they would be interested.  The most typical answer is, "I have been using "BLANK" for years.  Why should I change.?  My "best" story is when I told a company (admitting to having the problem but was unwilling to consider our solution) that I would apply the product and if it didn't work, he didn't have to pay for it and if it did work, he only had to pay me what he thought the solution was worth to him.  He still would not try the product.

Being a "numbers" guy, I could never understand  (until recently) why if you had a problem and there is a solution, why you didn't at least explore/try the solution.  To me, it is irrational. 

I read a lot for both enjoyment and knowledge.  Not too long ago I was reading and came across the word "Einstellung".  Einstellung is a German word that translates to setting, mindset or attitude.  "The Einstellung Effect occurs where preexisting knowledge impedes one's ability to reach an optimal solution because prior knowledge has become a hindrance (block) to creative problem-solving.  We continue to apply previous, sometimes older, methods instead of evaluating a problem on its own new terms.  I really hate to use the term but we get stuck "in the box" because we use our experiences, even when they are no longer useful, out of habit.

I have been using "BLANK" for years.  It was the best product on the market (when I started using it), I am comfortable using it. Why should I change?

Question of the DAY:  Are you open to change or are you overly comfortable with older, less innovative ideas and/or products?  

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