Lektro-Tech P

Provides an Ultra-Thin Hydrophobic Film Of a Paintable Corrosion Preventative


Corrosion Protection & Solutions LLC has been formulating unique corrosion preventative compounds and lubricants since 2003. While our products have always proven to be the best of the products tested “today”, CP&S has never been content to stop R&D on new potential products for “tomorrow”. Almost every day new ingredients become available and they should be considered for advanced testing. A good example is ingredients that protect steel against chlorides (salt spray). Ten years ago the best ingredient used in a solvent to protect steel against salt spray failure averaged 8 hours until failure. The ingredient that we now use averages 104 hours until failure. We now buy synthetic lubricants by the molecular size. The selection of the actual lubricant is based on the tolerances of the “close mechanical” parts. We can now purchase lubricants that are 40% of the size of the lubricants that we used just a few years ago thus allowing adequate lubrication of parts that a few years ago would have been subject to fretting corrosion and galling. The philosophy of CP&S is never being content!


Lektro-Tech P is water based, environmentally friendly hydrophobic corrosion preventative compound that has the unique characteristics to provide a paintable surface once it’s completely dried. Lektro-Tech P is non-flammable and has no ingredients that are considered hazardous in the Global Harmonized System of Hazardous Materials


Lektro-Tech S is available in the following package styles; Aerosol Pressurized spray containers and bulk re-sealable single quart and gallon containers, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.


Prep/Application: Base metal must be present. When Iron Oxide is present use Quik Tann III prior to applying Lektro-Tech P. Apply between 40 and 140 degrees when the metal is not hot to the touch. If immediate application is required use water to cool down surface. Lektro-Tech P may be brushed, dipped or sprayed. When spraying, shake well and hold bottle 12 inches from target. Spray in left to right motion then repeat from top to bottom ensuring complete coverage. Do not worry about overspray; Lektro-Tech P will not affect plastic. Once product is completely dry, Lektro-Tech P is ready for painting.

Material Characteristics

For corrosion protection on vehicles, metal structures, equipment and components prior to repainting.

Material Characteristics

Coverage per Gallon is 300 square foot for porous metal to 400 square foot on hard surfaces.

Material Characteristics

Lektro-Tech P is available in Quarts, Gallons, 5 Gallons or 55 Gallon Drums.