Consulting Rates

Rate schedule for Formula Design and Testing:
The parties to this agreement believe that their interest is best served by creating
an intellectual environment whereby creative efforts and innovations can be
encouraged and rewarded, while still retaining reasonable access to, and use of,
the intellectual property.

The Intellectual property created by Ronald A Knight will be 100% Mr. Knight’s
property except as he may voluntarily choose to transfer such property in full or
in part. If no viable solution to a customer’s request is found at the end of stage 3 there will
be no additional charge.

Example of a request:
A steel company request a corrosion inhibitor to be developed that has a dry finish and
doesn’t have to be removed prior to painting.

Stage 1:
Free consultation to establish what the customer is looking for with all parameters. This
consultation can be up to two hours and involve multiple engineers, designers etc. If
customer requires Mr. Knight to meet at their location; transportation, lodging and meals are
the responsibility of the customer. Consultation over the allotted two hours will be billed at
$125.00 per hour.

Prior to stage 2 Mr. Knight will require a data sheet to be completely filled out.
This data sheet will be requiring information such as type of metal to be tested, surface
features, humidity, acid atmosphere, etc.

Stage 2:
Development of a formula/process for testing……….. $300.00

This will be the maximum out of pocket cost to the customer
for Mr. Knights, research and development if testing does not result in a viable solution and
no more than 2 hours are used during consultation.

Stage 3:
Testing Phase in an appropriate environment………….. $500.00

The length of this phase is determined by the customer.
Testing results will be checked once a week during the
duration of the test. No charge for this stage if a usable formula
is not developed.